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What disease is associated with Dr John Snow and Broad Street Soho, in 1854
In what new town did the architect James Stirling design a considerable amount of housing that was demolished soon after being built
Name a Mediterranean island town planned with defence in mind in the Renaissance period.
Name the three orders of Greek architecture
Name the artist responsible for painting the Sistine Chapel in Rome.
Which order of Greek architecture is used in the Temple of Artemis at Ephesus?
Which town was known as ‘cottonopolis’ in the 19th century
What is the name of the new town built in south Wales in the 1950s
The ‘Assize of ----(?)----- was drawn up in 1275? Give the missing word
What is the name of the amphitheatre in ancient Rome whose ruins still remain today
What period of history is shown in Philip James de Loutherbourg’s 1801 painting ‘ Coalbrookdale by Night’
Name the act of parliament passed in 1935 designed to control development along major roads leading out of town
Letchworth was the first of what type of city
Name the Act of 1858 that allowed municipal councils to control development
What is the name of the architect-planner who started the development of Bath in the 18th century
Catherine de -----(?)------- was a patron of Renaissance art. Give her surname.
What is the name given to the central open gathering space in an ancient Greek city
Name the 1909 act of parliament that said: “land in the vicinity of towns shall be developed in such a way as to secure proper sanitary conditions, amenity and convenience
Between which two towns did the first timetabled passenger railway in England run
What was the name of the visionary city proposed by Frank Lloyd Wright in which all inhabitants would be given an acre of land to live on
Name one of the gates in the wall of medieval London
What style of architecture, that was at its height in England between 1000-1180 and that is characterised by rounded arches, is used extensively in Durham cathedral
What world famous park designed by Frederick Law Olmsted was inspired by Birkenhead Park?
What is the common name given to the group of listed buildings on Liverpool's waterfront?
Which English novelist wrote evocatively, in the 1920s, of the red-brick terraced housing in Nottinghamshire
What name is given to a system of urban planning that separates cars from pedestrians and was devised the planners Clarence Stein and Henry Wright
Name the architect-planner responsible for the plan of Covent Garden
Complete the following list with the next two styles: saxon, romanesque, early english, _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ and _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
Which architect-planner is associated with the Duomo in Florence
What system of place management has been introduced to protect a speculative settlement in Dungeness
Name three countries visited by travellers on the Grand Tour
What was the name of the German design school which flourished in the 1920s
What is the Peabody Trust (founded 1862) associated with providing
What is the central open space in a Roman town called
The Seagram Building in New York is an example of what style of architecture
Which city in the north of England has a town hall designed by Alfred Waterhouse
Name a gallery/museum built in Victorian times in either Liverpool, Oxford or London
What famous event was held in London in 1851
What is the name of the artist who painted scenes of industrial towns in northern England and is well known for showing ‘matchstick men’ in his pictures
Which monarch’s proclamation led to an Act of Parliament in 1593 which forbade buildings on new foundations in the cities of London and Westminster and in an area within 3 mile
Name the domed cathedral (later to be a mosque) in Constantinople (Istanbul)
What building in Rome is said to have influenced the design of The Circus in Bath
With what type of building is Augustus Welby Northmore Pugin (1812-52) best known
What type of building was often built alongside or as part of a railway station and showed off the wealth of the railway company. Examples still exist at St Pancras and Padding
What is the name given to that part of Edinburgh laid out on a grid pattern from 1755 onwards and is now a UNESCO World heritage site
28. In what coastal town in Italy is Strada Nouvo (built 1550-1716) ?
What is the name of the land between the rivers Tigris and Euphrates in which Babylon was built
What area of London, owned by the Duke of Bedford, was planned and developed between 1631 – 1635?
Name the broad cultural movement – which embraced everything from planning and architecture to art, music and theatre – which lasted roughly from 1900 to 1970
With what activity is Capability Brown most associated
Parkscape is a style of landscape associated with which famous landscape designer
What was the name of the act of parliament passed in 1947 that set up a planning system in England
The decamanus is one of the two main axes in a Roman military town, what is the other called
What is the name of the first publically funded park in England designed by Joseph Paxton and opened in 1847
The following are examples of what type of town that became popular in late 19th and early 20th century England: Blackpool, Great Yarmouth, Skegness
In what year was The National Parks and Access to the Countryside Act passed by parliament
Who produced a plan for London after the Great Fire and designed St Paul’s cathedral
Who planned the city of Miletus in 5th century BC
Name a town in Shropshire associated with the start of the Industrial Revolution
What is the name given to an area of open land kept deliberately empty around cities to prevent urban sprawl
What city, famous for the Hermitage, was planned by Trezzini in 1703?
Which architect-planner produced a design for a Contemporary City (Ville Contemporaine) of 3 million inhabitants
What is the name of the temple building on top of the Acropolis in Athens
In London, a proclamation in 1605 declaring that new buildings must be wholly of brick or stone was introduced because of the risk of fire and what other reason?
The style of the 1960/70s, defined by large monolithic concrete buildings (examples of which appeared in London’s South Bank Centre, among many other cities) is known as what?
What was the name of the report produced during the Second World War that looked into the distribution of the industrial population in England
Who laid out the railway from London-Bristol and was responsible for designing the Clifton Suspension Bridge
What is the name of a new town in the north-west of England, near Liverpool, which has a figure of eight road layout
What name is given to the urban extension to Dorchester
In what year was The New Towns Act passed by parliament
Name the English new town built on a 1km grid and known for its use of public art
Who designed Letchworth
Name the Swiss architect who devised a radical plan for the redevelopment of Paris in the 1920s
Name the new town, designed by the planner Frederick Gibberd that was built as part of the first phase of new town development in post war England
What planned town was laid out near Bradford in 1853 as a model settlement
Name the building in ancient Rome famous for its dome
What is the name of the town founded by William, Lord Leverhulme
Whose villa just outside Rome was set in landscaped gardens
What is the name of the island in the Mediterranean that was home to the Minoan civilisation
Who wrote the ‘Ten Books of Architecture’
Name a London square, planned and developed speculatively in the 17th or 18th century
Name the style of architecture most associated with the city of Bath
What is the name of the new town in Scotland the centre of which is designed in the style of the Unité d’Habitation?
Which Russian ruler founded the planned city of St Petersburg
56. St George’s Hall, Liverpool and Birmingham Town Hall are examples of what type of architectural movement
Which cathedral in Kent was founded by St Augustine
Peacehaven was the most notorious of what form of speculative settlement
In what year was the Great Fire of London
In what period of history, known for its challenge to existing order, were the sublime and the picturesque emphasised in planning and architecture?
Name three medieval English cathedrals
What is the name of the Roman wall separating (in general terms) England from Scotland
Name the Roman building type that was the precursor to the medieval cathedral
What industry brought the medieval towns of the Cotswolds and East Anglia to prominence
What is the name given to the period of the 17th and 18th century when science and reasoning challenged accepted beliefs and it saw the building of many museums and academies?
The Metropolitan Railway in London is now known as what
Name four Roman towns in England
What is the Roman name for Chester
What name was commonly used to describe mass public housing built by local authorities to accommodate those unable to buy their own home
What is the name of the first commercial canal to be built in England? It ran between Worsley and Manchester and was opened in 1761
Ambitious post-war plans for London, Plymouth and other cities, as well as originating the notion of New Towns, is the work of which key planner

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