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Forced Order
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ClueFirst and last name
Cupboard under the stairs
Lives near forbidden forest
Code-breaker for Gringotts
Acting Gryffindor portrait in the third book
Has six brothers
Third Brother
Brother is called Otto
Owns a time-turner (book 3)
Beetle animagus
Who was the minister for magic for most of the seventh book
Headteacher of Beauxbatons Academy
Crazy eye (Nickname)
Gryffindor ghost (Nickname)
Can change into a dog
Gave Harry the Gillyweed (in the books)
ClueFirst and last name
Maiden name was Prewett
Holyhead Harpies
Quidditch commentator (books1-5)
Best friend called Seamus
Goblin which helps Harry, Ron, Hermione and Griphook into Hogwarts
Leader of centaurs
Distant relative of Helga Hufflepuff
Destroys Locket
Xenophilius's daughter
Lives with his grandmother
House elf, worked for Barty Crouch Sr.
Played by Jason Isaacs in the films
Hit by Hermione in book 3
Divided his soul
Related to Sirius

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