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Forced Order
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What year did the show first air?
How many seasons are there?
What year did the final episode air?
Where did Oceanic Flight 815 take off?
Where was Oceanic Flight 815 supposed to land?
Where was LOST primarily shot?
Who was the writer for the most episodes of LOST?
Who was the writer for the second most episodes of LOST?
Who directed the most episodes of LOST?
How many episodes of LOST are there?
Which channel was LOST shown on?
Which dayof the week were episodes from seasons 1,2,3, and 5 aired on?
Which season had the most viewers?
In 2005 who won the Emmy for Outstanding Directing For A Drama Series?
In 2007 who won the Emmy for Outstanding Supporting Actor - Drama Series?
In 2009 who won the Emmy for Outstanding Supporting Actor In A Drama Series?
In what year did LOST winthe Golden Globe for Best Television Series - Drama?
What role did Matthew Fox originally audition for?
Of the 324 people on board Oceanic Flight 815 how many survive?
What are the unlucky numbers that Hurley used to win the lottery?
What was Driveshaft's hit song?
What is the first name of Jack Shephard's father?
What city in England does Naomi say she is from?
What role did Michael Emerson (Ben) originally audition for?
What is the name ofthe final episode of LOST?

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