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Can you name the president's who have had consecutive terms of office or what they are known for?

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Years held OfficePresidentKnown For
 Having wood teeth?
 Being the author of the Delaration of the Independence?
 Being the 'Father of the Constitution'?
 Having the capital of Liberia named after him?
 Having the nickname 'Old Hickory'?
 Being a great union general in the Civil War?
 Creating the 'Bull Moose' party?
Years held OfficePresidentKnown For
 Carrying the U.S. through World War I?
 Being the only president to win more than two elections?
 Being a 'haberdasher' because he ran a clothing store in Kansas City?
 Being one of the most famous army general's in World War II?
 Being the only president who was a movie star?
 Being the only president to survive an impeachment over a sex scandal?
 Going into Iraq for WMD?

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