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Provision that employer money placed in a pension fuund cannot be forfeited for any reason
a plan in which a certain amount of company profits is credited to each employee's account, payable at retirement, termination, or death
A plan in which the employer's contribution to the employees' retirement fund is specified
insurance provided at lower rates for all employees, including new employee's, regardless of health or physical condition
Plans that provide pay to an employee when he or she is unable to work because of a non-work-related illness or injury
a plan that contains a formula for determining retirement benefits
an arrangement whereby employees gradually ease into retirement by using reduced workdays and/or shortened workweeks
a company-sponsored program to help employees cope with personal problems that are interfering with or have the potential to interfere with their job performance, as well as issues
A provision that employees who change jobs can transfer the lump-sum value of the pension they have earned to a lock in rrsp or their new employer's pension plan
indirect financial benefits given to employees that may include supplementary health and life insurance, vacation, pension, education plans, and discounts on company products
a federal program that provides income benefits if a person is unable to work through no fault of his or her own
plans that provide the additional pension benefit required for employees to receive their full pension benefit in cases where their full pension benefit exceeds the maximum allowab
individualized benefit plan plans to accommodate employee needs and preferences
plans that provide income when employees reach a predetermined retirement age
A proactive employer-centred process that coordinates the activities of the employer, the insurance company, and healthcare providers in an effort to minimize the impact of injury,
the annual amount of health/dental expense that an employee must pay before insurance benefits will be paid
The percentage of expenses (in excess of the deductible) that are paid for by the insurance plan
programs that provide three types of benefits: retirement income;survivor or death benefits payable to the employees's dependents regardless of age at time of death; and disability
provides income and medical benefits to victims of work related accidents or illness and/or their dependents, regardless of fault

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