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Rock 'n' roll! Let's all have a _________
What soft drink is Alan surreptitiously promoting in Knowing Me, Knowing You?
Who is the director of programming at the BBC?
What is the name of Alan's moribund production company?
No offence, Lynn, but ______________
People bounce back! Dennis Hopper, _________
KMKY: House band name 1:
KMKY: House band name 2:
KMKY: House band name 3:
KMKY: House band name 4:
KMKY: House band name 5:
KMKY: House band name 6:
Who did Alan once give a paper cut to?
Bono? Nah, he's not in. Do you fancy a ______?
Earlier on, I put in a pound of mashed up ___________
Why does Alan compare his prospective new toilet to Buck Rogers?
What model of Rover does Alan own during KMKY?
I didn't know you were a raver?
What is Alan's default prize to his guests on KMKY?
What, according to Alan, is worse than having a fictional bath
Is Alan naked underneath his clothes?
He got the lab assistant pregnant, never sees the kid...._________
Take home a _________ for the glove box
How long did Lynn put Alan's apple turnover in the microwave for?
What does Alan call Michael's cup of beans?
Why did Michael once throw a monkey in the sea?
Who are Wings, according to Alan?
According to Alan, Dan laughed so hard he had...
What did Gary Barker (ex-photocopier specialist) once throw a copper kettle at?
What painting does Alan give to a French Alan Partridge, Alain Perdrix?
They've __________, you fool!
Lynn, some of these people have come from _________
If kettles are saaaaad, what are coffee machines?
What are the names of Alan's two children?
What name did Alan book under at his country club to cause a security alert?
Alan's favourite drink
Who did Alan's wife leave him for?
No, that's a razor, love. Could have done with that for the _________
Sir Dansworth of __________ , as I live and breathe!
When talking during sex to calm himself down, what is Alan's preferred bedroom topic?
What does Alan dismantle in his hotel room when very bored?
What is the name of Alan's military based game show?
What channel does the game show appear on?
What company does Dan own?
What does Tex call his truck?
Walt Disney. There's a man who lived the American Dream. Really? I thought he just _________
How would you kill yourself in Starbucks?
What did Alan used to call his old headmaster?
Are you wearing Lynx? Well smelt! ________! ________!
You blow up the tree, and use the leaves to make a dress for ___________

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