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Can you name the facts about the Cherry Valley Mastodons?

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Dave Mello had the most receiving touchdowns in 2012. How many did he have?
Who is the owner and founder of the Mastodons?
Who is the tallest Mastodon?
Who won the 2012 Mastodon Single Game Performance of the Year Award?
Who was the first Mastodon captain, but oddly enough, is no longer a captain?
How tall is Harry?
What date does the 2013 Mastodon season begin?
How many games were played in the 2012 Mastodon season?
Which player is often used in the Wildcat formation?
Which two foods were eaten at the only Mastodon tailgate?
Who is the starting quarterback for the Mastodons?
What is the name of Joe's brother, who showed up to a Mastodon practice once?
True or False: Joe recorded less than 100 tackles and less than 10 forced fumbles.
True or False: Joe won both the Offensive and Defensive Lineman of the Year Awards in 2012.
Which Mastodon owns a car wash?
What abbreviation was used on the Mastodon jerseys?
What is the sum of the players' numbers?
How long was the longest run of the season?
How many total yards per game did the Mastodons average in 2012?
How many pages was the playbook that Paul made for the team?
What is Collin's nickname?
Who had the highest completion percentage on the team?
What was the first starting position earned by Harry?
What is the only number to be retired by the Mastodons?
What is the name of the Hail Mary Mastodon play?
Who will always drop the ball in the Polish Fake?
How long was the only field goal made in the 2012 Mastodon season?
How many touchdowns did Nick have in his final Mastodon game?
Who often rivals Alex for the position of starting quarterback?
How many players have attended every Mastodon practice?
Which player had the game of his life before moving to Canada?
How many combined receiving yards did Joe and Dave record for the same team in the same game?
Which Mastodon occasionally sports a zebra sweatshirt?
Name the players who have attended every Mastodon practice.
How many points did the winning team score in the October 5 blowout?
What is the Mastodon theme song?
Who is often regarded as the fastest player on the Mastodons?
What week did Alex win the Player of the Week honors?
What is the name of the Mastodon team with younger players?
What is the name of the Mastodon Athletics Page?

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