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Can you name the Do you know FFVII as well as you thought?

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Black Materia (what it summons)
Sephiroth's friends (Crisis Core)
Rufus's Half Brother
Cid's Airship after the Highwind (hint: he marries her)
Kadaj used this color of materia to summon Bahamut SIN (wrong color)
Yazoo and Loz's gunblades
He died to save Cloud
The main antagonist of FFVII
The main antagonist of FFVII: Crisis Core
name of the FFVII novella
Goddess of Gaia
Vincent's Father
Vincent's original job class
What Cloud had to wear to save Tifa from Don Corneo
What FFVII was orginally planned to be made for before it was changed to the PlayStation
Cloud's stronget Limit Break
Sephiroth's Sword
Cloud was to orginally have _____hair
the nickname Zack gave Cloud
Yuffie only joins your party so she can steal____
Cid's Blood Type
Cid appeared as a ____ in the Kingdom Hearts series
Sephiroth remains (physically) at this age
Sephiroth's offiical theme (not One-Winged Angel)
Ancients are also known as
Jenova landed in the ____ (continent)
one of the few people Sephiroth respected (professor)
Lucrecia wears her anklet on her ___foot
Shelk, Weiss, and Rosso are all members of DEEPGROUND's ____
Materia is ____
Materia was orginally the size of ___ before it was changed to fit Advent Children
Kadaj's double bladed katana (name)
Kadaj's name is derived from a Persian wrod which means '___'

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