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Eric Bana
Stereotypical bogan 
Eastern European character 
Sale of the Century host 
Glenn Butcher
Perverted elderly nudist de-factos 
Australian prime minister 
Daina Reid
Perverted elderly nudist de-factos 
Shaun Micallef
Punch-drunk boxer, The Brownish Bomber 
Obsessed 7:30 Report fan 
Failed actor and incompetent TV personality 
Alter-ego of failed actor 
Male model, most beautiful man in the cosmos 
Kym Gyngell
Art critic 
John Walker
Television news presenter with an odd lisp 
Kitty Flanagan
Unenthusiastic news co-anchor 
Francis Greenslade
Much maligned weatherman 
Kitty Flanagan
Hippy from Nimbin 
Ross Williams
Organised crime boss 
John Walker
Australian prime minister 
Daina Reid
Controversial right-wing politician 
Eric Bana
Journalist and TV presenter 
Kym Gyngell
Presenter of the 7:30 Report 

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