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Forced Order
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Hint:Answer:Extra Info:
What is the name of the facility in which the Resonance Cascade occurs?
The greek letter that is the symbol of the Resistancealso on the front of Gordon's HEV suit
The character that first greets Gordon in Black Mesa East?
The name of the vehicle that Gordon travels the coast in
The soldiers sent to kill all Black Mesa employees starts with a H
The first enemy Gordon encounters in Half-Life 1
What character helps Gordon escape from the Civil Protection?
Who gives gordon the Rocket Launcher? (only enter name, not title)
The first weapon that Gordon is given
Hint:Answer:Extra Info:
The name of the player's character in Opposing Force
The city that Freeman is sent to by G-Man
The main antagonist in HL2 (only name, not title)
The name of the enemy alien race in HL2
The hideout that Gordon races to in the Airboat
Aliens that are enemies in HL1, but allies in HL2
Kleiner's pet in HL2
What is the name of the vehicle the HGrunts rappel out of?

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