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What industry did Kim's father work in?
How much is the Rod Carew card worth that Greg's mother threw away when he was a kid?
What do Jimmy and Christine bring to Logans teacher to suck up and give Logan more attention?
(Assuming they had a girl) What did Kim's father originally want the kids name to be?Eventually named Emily
What is the name of the woman Jimmy mistakes for Greg's dying Aunt when her family mistakenly call the Warner house?
Name of Jimmy's female boss who boxes Christine?
What was the name of the FULL (First, Middle, Last) name of the woman Greg was going to marry before Kim?'I was going to ask for her hand but it was busy in my roomates pants' (Initials spell Kim)
Jimmy's Indian Scout's name?
Name of poem Greg wrote about his x-girlfriends Pink Sweater?
Last Name of the Dr. who's waiting room Greg fights another patients father in?
Cooking item Greg once dropped on Sammys head?
Name of Kim's Highschool stalker?
What Dominic puts in the oven of his friends house where he got headlice?
Movie Christine wants her fellow jurors to watch in-lieu of reaching a verdict?
NOT including Christine, the number of woman Greg has kissed in his lifetime?
Name of the band Greg and Kim are about to see when the couple they're with keys some poor girls car?
What Billy was eating (before Greg invites him in for dinner) while living in the Warner's backyard?(Christine says to Billy, 'Let me heat up your _____'
Greg gives his tickets to Jimmy and Billy to a final four in what city?
Once Jimmy proves he cannot be an umpire, his new dream is to join this professional sports organization?
What did Jimmy find in a chest in the attic as a teen when looking with his friends for Big Jimmy's Buffalo Bison's jersey?

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