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Can you name the Following trivia questions from Tv's Yes Dear?

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Greg and Jimmy's Favorite NFL team?
Greg's most current title at work?
Team Big Jimmy coached in Minor League Baseball?
Name of the bar The gang went to when Kim danced on a pool table?
Name of the lodge The gang stayed at when in Lake Tahoe?
Name of the retirement village Big Jimmy and Kitty bought a condo in?
Pizza place Greg started working at when he was fired from Radford?
Billy's nickname for Kim in highschool?
Greg's insult to Jimmy when he notices Jimmy is in the same spot on the couch when he left and then returned from work. 'You're like a ______'
Savitsky's Butler's name?
How many pounds did Todd (The kid sammy was supposed to fight) weigh with a full diaper?
What Christine painted on the bottom of the toilet bowl to help toilet train Dominick? (Although it's revealed it was actually meant for Jimmy)?
Name of Jimmy's dog?
Rascal Flatts song played live for the Gang outside the Limo?
Name of sleeve guards Kim invents for cooking?
Name of The Gangs annoying neighbor? (Jimmy and Christine eventually buy his/her house)
Name of treat/dessert associated with the Gunness record Jimmy sets?
Who Greg plays golf with when he shoots a 79?
Name of the Movie Director Jimmy pisses off at the movie premiere he goes to?
Name of show Tom Warner wins a guest role on?
Greg becomes addicted to this product and eventually has a hallucination?
Animals that attack Tom when he gets trapped in their habitat in a Las Vegas hotel?
Type of fruit growing on the tree in Greg's backyard?
Name of action-movie star who shadows Jimmy?
Name of the guy Kim hires to remodel the fireplace?

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