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Forced Order
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- N' Pals, Saved Santa
Canadian, Baby
Usually says 1 word, Big head
Rich, African American
Red Poofball Hat, Sister is Shelly
Stan's Girlfriend, Has had breast implants
Fat, Evil Mastermind
Mmm-kay, Big head
Blonde, Boobs destroyed society
Crutches, Taken steriods
Mr Hat/Mr Twig, Been a man twice
Voice Box, 1 Arm
Voted cutest boy, Father owns a shoe store
Redneck, Stan's Uncle
Grounded a lot, Picked on constantly
African American, Killed off in season 10
British, Massively unpopular
Jewish, Canadian Brother
Poor, Dies a lot
Drinks Coffee, Paranoid
Visits God, first introduced in 'Damien'
Blue hat and jacket, Destroyed the giant guinea pigs in Peru

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