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Can you name the facts about Pluto?

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Greek Name
A) Hades B) Zeus C) Jupiter D) Terminus
A) Plutan B) Plutian C) Plutonian D) Plutonan
Area with the closest landmass to Pluto
A) Africa B) Russia C) Antarctica D) South America
Type of Dwarf Planet
A) Asteroidical B) Terrestrial C) Gaseous D) Lunar
Year of first flyby by a probe
A) 2015 B) 1989 C) 1993 D) 1998
Year in which Pluto became a dwarf planet
A) 2006 B) 2007 C) 2010 D) 2014
Approximate mass ratio compared to Earth
A) 0.002 B) 0.02 C) 0.2 D) 2
Number of known naturally orbiting satellites
A) 0 B) 2 C) 5 D) 8
Largest Satellite
A) Styx B) Nix C) Hydra D) Charon
Most abundant gas in the atmosphere
A) Oxygen B) Hydrogen C) Helium D) Nitrogen

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