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Can you name the items on the infamous Fob list [2]

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_____ Owen
When I win the nobel peace prize for _____
Recommends School ____ for out of school purchase.
_____ Mothers - 11 Seductive Tales of Nature
A spectacular ______ 'novel'
you look like _____
Sells PS3 in _______ (2014) to buy PS4 in June (2015)
I'd rather have united play well and lose than play ___ ___ ___
Claims he's better at FIFA, but loses ___- ___
Keep calm but unfortunately ______ a sideman
MW2 Password - _______
_____ man Skinny man - poem submission
Same ___ FIFA rage quit
Still claims he's a good _____
Makes a ___ stating he's a wingman and offers his sevices
Why did the integer drown? Because he couldn't _____
____ classes for a 4 class UML diagram
_____ himself as Hot on 'Hot or Not'
If ______ doesn't knock, build yourself a door
No _____ on recording
Tried to record _____ in school even though it would never work
Dad _______ as an 18 year old
____ is a twat
Got snitched on by the year_
Stole year 8 _____
18 years old - can't even ask for his own ______
Goes as _____ _______ by himself
____ arts costume to fancy dress
___ door(Balon d'or)
CyberEssays fob exchange ( might have ____ )
password : ______
writes through the lines on ___ _____
The UK is a _____
____ is a seperate country from the UK
_____ _____ is in South America
______ is south london
Rubs hands at thought of a _ year old
Yo ____ please add me on ps3
Follow me back on ______
Add me on ____
DJ ____
If {___} Else{No}
Completion ____
CAS Portfolio - _____ Copy
'I saw you running for the bus' - but decided not to ___ __ __
Plugged pendrive into wrong _____
_______ ability - Xavi vision
_____ _____ pace
____ 'I nailed the coding'fraction
How do you make the link between the driver and the ________
Footgolf - do you kick a ___ ball?
Use a football- won't the _____ be too small?
Man United's season change is like ______ changeover.
Uses sister's ________

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