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Can you name the items on the infamous Fob list

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_______ static void main
Import ______ java
Add the _____ information
____ Soap
_____ bar soap and bring to dofe
______ tennis ball deals
Keeping ______ comments
______ ______ Shenanigans
Input command ______
Retarded _______
I'll _______ you for your existing girlfriend
In _____ we trust tshirt
______ maths test
100 _____
______ switzerland
________ is the opposite of absorb
30kg ______
Rubbing nonexistent ________
______ litre water bottle
Capital _____ for string
Forgot ______ and semi colon shennanigans #2
How do you _____ the screen size for virtual pc from the middle
Why would you need ______at night?
_______ #2
_______ first aid
Fill up ______ on dofe
Not throwing _______ away as their value will go up when I am famous, even though they are broken.
Reads ____ ____ ______, even though he doesn't claim to
Enter current _____
______ fork (100s)
Plastic ____
Whole party ________
Airing the tent in _____
Walking around ______ ____ cleaning shoes
______ frankfurters rather than boiling them
Only two things are more important than God - your _____ and your ______
______ is only a piece of paper(Coins)
The biggest room is the room for _____
It's good but it's not quite _______
Revenge is best served _______
Love is like a ______, get arranged marriage
Dream ridiculously high and you will get at least _____ of that dream
More _____(Moral)
You are like the root of -1, because you are ______
Learn _____ for yourself, even when dying.
______ memory(Not Cache)
Money and _____
______ tea
Tonight tonigh _____- 2 nine to night nighty nighty 2 knights of tonight 2nights for night, goodnight.
Pennies will buy you that ______
Once france get out of their group stage, they will have a hard ________
Planned action:_____ 2014
Is that an ice cream or a _____?
Is the charity food _____?
_____ your arm?
Do you want to build a snowman? - ______ movie
______ pennies, as long as he has them.
Presses enter _____ when inputting password.
'You...er....need any _____?' (even though i dont do kemistry)
My £1 ____
It always finishes _____ - ye wilson wilson
_____ muscle
Chicken shop after ______
_______ milkshake
_____ bracket shennanigans #3
Insert for _____ troll (attempt #1)
Eloise 'fraped' dan's ______
_____ _______, caring for the cat instead of playing on the playstation.
_______ neighbour's cat
Gets paid for _______ _____
_______ are fond of him.
______ for a 'thank you' gesture.
Asks _____ on twitter to prom
Come to my house we can _____ _____ ______.
Taking year _____ USBs
I can't be ____ because I am hench
Is _____ a CB?
Wet wipes to wipe his ____
Stole _____ from technology room

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