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Can you name the movies by descriptions of their endings (2000-2009)?

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EndingMovie TitleYear
The hitman gets into a car accident but walks away with a broken arm. Everyone pretty much dies.2007
Jack gets married. Miles goes to see Maya.2004
A couple gets back together again, even though their minds were erased of each other.2004
Consumed by guilt, Diane puts a gun in her mouth. 'Silencio.'2001
Chihiro gets back with her parents after choosing the correct pigs.2002
Sirius Black dies. Dumbledore and Voldemort have a huge showdown in the Ministry of Magic.2007
An average man stays in the future (filled with idiots) as the President of the USA.2006
Royal dies and has a beautiful funeral. His family comes together.2001
'For Frodo.'2003
Christine is pulled into hell by demons.2009
EndingMovie TitleYear
A woman is hanged for shooting a man because 'he asked her to.'2000
The group of survivors gets away from the zombies by boat.2004
The group of survivors makes a huge SOS sign as the zombies die of starvation.2003
Beatrix finishes killing everyone on her list.2004
A deranged, murderous maniac might've imagined the whole thing.2000
The stripper goes back to the States. Her name really was Jane.2004
Robots kiss as humanity restarts on Earth.2008
Ennis looks at Jack's old jean jacket, which is hanging in his closet.2006
He whispers in her ear. The audience isn't meant to hear. They embrace and part ways.2003
A housewife in the 1950's is left all alone in her bigoted town.2002

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