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Can you name the the character's in Joseph Heller's classic?

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Squadron physician, first introduces the concept of Catch-22 in the story
Complains of a horrible cold after his plane is hit midflight
Bombardier who can't seem to understand why everybody is trying to kill him, goes to great lengths to miss missions
Commits suicide by flying his plane into a mountain
Mayor, Militant, capitalist who can sell items for cheaper than he bought them and make a profit
Colonel whose only goal is to become a general through forcing pilots to fly missions
Marches his troops to win the red pennant every Sunday
Is considered to be good at everything; especially shooting skeet and pingpong
Claims to have been a photographer, worked for TIME before the war
Pilot who is constantly being shot down, may have escaped to Sweden
A pilot who gets lost in the clouds
Prolongs his life by doing things that bore him
An idealist Anabaptist unsure of his faith in God
Although of low rank, has more power than the generals because he controls the mail
The dead man in Yossarian's tent
General hoping to take command of combat operations on Pianosa
Underaged soldier killed on a raft
Atheist who constantly works over his superiors
Name signed by Yossarian and Major Major Major on official documents
Beats Nately over the head with a shoe in Rome

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