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Can you name all the hunger games characters (that I remember)???

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Forced Order
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The main character
Her brave best friend
The boy with the bread
The drunk
The fashionable one
The pint sized tribute
Main characters adorable little sister
The kind stylist
The horrible snake eyed villain
The game maker with a 'great' beard
She's very much like a fox
He let Katniss live just for rue
He killed rue 😭
Those tracker jackers were not kind to her!!
He wanted Katniss dead from the start
She almost kills Katniss!
He's a pro with a trident
Crazy girl from district seven
Elder who volunteers for annie
Male from district three 75th games
President of District 13
Owns the holo until he dies
Tick tock
Finnick's lover
Ex-stylist who is pretty much a tiger
Director from Capitol
Avox that is in squad 451
Female, district 1, 75th games
Male, district 2, 75th games
Female, district 2, 75th games
Male, district 1, 75th games
Whips Gale 😭
Interviews the tributes
reporter with Caesar
Pretends to be on Snow's side
Hits Peeta
The baker
Mother of the protagonist
Died in a mining accident, taught Katniss to swim
Little sister of Gale
Youngest male hawthorne
Gales mother
Gales other brother
Prims goat
Prims cat
Red headed avox girl
Young peacekeeper who becomes an avox
Ex-head peacekeeper
Peeta's head stylist
Gives Katniss Mockingjay pin (books)
Gales father

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