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Forced Order
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Fake ____, Sammy. I don't know, that's pretty illegal. (3 words)Pilot
'And you're hiking out in biker boots and jeans?' '____.' (6 words)Wendigo
'All right, if you're gonna be talking now, this is a very important phrase, so I want you to repeat it one more time.' (2 words)Dead in the Water
'Yeah, I know what an EMF meter is, but why does that one look like a busted up old walkman?' 'Cause that's what I made it out of. It's home made.' '____.' (5 words)Phantom Traveler
'Hey, night vision.' '____?' (6 words)Bloody Mary
'But first I want to find that handsome devil and ____.' (7 words)Skin
'Your, uhh, half-caff double vanilla latte's getting cold over here, Francis.' '____.'Hook Man
'So you found some beetles in a hole in the ground. ____.' (3 words)Bugs
'First you tell me you've got __ __.' And then you tell me that I have to go home? (2 words)Home
'You're not gonna try to kill me, are you?' 'No.' 'Good, ____.' (5 words)Asylum
'I hope your apple pie is ____!' (3 words)Scarecrow
QuoteFinish the quoteEpisode
'Layla. I'm not much the prayin' type, but... I'm gonna pray for you.' '____.' (6 words)Faith
'Where are you?' 'I'm in the middle of nowhere with a ____.' (5 words)Route 666
'Our family's not cursed. We just have our dark spots.' '____.' (6 words)Nightmare
'Yeah, Dean, kinda the black sheep of the family. ____.'The Benders
'Next time you want to get laid…find a girl that's not so ____.' (3 words)Shadow
'I have a confession to make. I'm the one who called them up and told them I was a producer.' 'Yeah, well I was the one who ____.' (8 words)Hell House
'Dude, dude, I'm not using this ID!' 'Why not?' 'Because it says __ __ on it.' (2 words)Something Wicked
'What kind of house doesn't have salt? ____!' (3 words)Provenance
'Hey, Dad, whatever happened to that college fund?' '____.' (4 words)Dead Man's Blood
'And the other day I met this man – a nice guy, you know? And we had a really good chat...sort of like this. Then I slit his throat. ____?' (7 words)Salvation
'Killing this demon comes first. Before me, before everything.' '____.' (5 words)Devil's Trap

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