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Fine particles released in an eruptionA
Fragment of semimolten rock relesed in eruptionB
Steep sided circular depressionC
Presently inactive volcanoD
Inactive volcanoE
Vent that issues steam and gasesF
Energy derived from the earth's internal heatG
Volcanic center, the cause of volcanoes that are not on plate boundariesH
Igneous rock mass formed within preexisting rockI
A surface of fracture in a rockJ
An area surrounded by a lava flowK
Flow of saturated volcanic debris due to gravityL
Molten rock beneath the earth's surfaceM
French term applied to a highly heated mass of gas-charged ashN
Black or dark volcanic glassO
High speed lateral flow of mixed gases and volcanic fragmentsP
The period from 2million years ago to todayQ
The region of volcanoes around the Pacific OceanR
Gently sloping volcanoS
Erupted materials that are deposited from the airT
Igneous rocks formed mainly of mafic materialsU
Opening at earth's surface from which volcanic materials issueV
US State in which a Supervolcano is locatedW
Foreign inclusion in an igneous rockX
Supervolcano in the above US StateY
Surface area subject to specific erosionZ

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