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Large-scale circulation of winds around a central region of high atmospheric pressureA
System used to estimate & report wind speeds without measuring apparatusB
Vertical transport of heat & moisture in the atmosphereC
Region of low atmospheric pressure that is usually accompanied by low clouds & precipitationD
Relatively clear & calm area in the centre of cyclonesE
Distance which wind blows uniformly across the seaF
Sustained winds within the range of 34-47 knots (39-54 mph)G
Intense weather system of strong thunderstorms, in which the maximum sustained surface wind is 64 knotsH
When the temperature of an air layer increases with heightI
The U.S. Department of Defense agency responsible for issuing tropical cyclone warnings for the Pacific and Indian Oceans since 1959J
Unit of speed used in navigation, is equal to one nautical mile K
Intersection of the surface center of a tropical cyclone with a coastlineL
Region of relatively light rainfall between the eyewall and an outer rainband of a cycloneM
Agency within NOAA that is responsible for observations, forecasts & warnings of meteorological & hydrological eventsN
Longer-term than a forcast, used to predict if hazardous weather may developO
Estimate of movement of the center of storm at a given time & positionP
System no longer having the convective organization required of a tropical cycloneR
Abnormal rise in sea level accompanying a tropical cycloneS
The path that a storm or weather system followsT
Air that rises easily & has the potential to produce clouds & rainU
Any rotating wind systemV
Rate at which wind velocity changes from point to point in a given directionW
Tropical cyclone in north Queensland, Australia in February 2011Y
Low pressure relative to surrounding region, with unorganised convective cloud massesZ

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