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Can you list all the characters in Wuthering Heights that have had their name mentioned in the book at least once?

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The lawyer
Engages in alcohol abuse after spouse dies
Father of Edgar and Isabella
Sister of Hindley
Catches Heathcliff and Catherine while they were spying on the Linton children
House maid for Wuthering Heights after Nelly leaves
Child of Catherine
Father of Hindley and Catherine, adopts Heathcliff
Known as a dunce, son of Hindley
Vengeful man who loves Catherine
Wimpy child of Heathcliff
Runs away to London after being abused by spouse
Servant in Wuthering Heights
Rents the Grange from Heathcliff, narrates beginning and end of book
Mother of Edgar and Isabella
Mother of Hindley and Catherine
Wife of Hindley
Husband of Catherine
Narrator of most of the book

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