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Can you name the The eight traitorous legions??

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DescriptionLegion/Organizationbonus/extra info
Led by Horus, now called the Black Legionnow lead by Abbadon
Only Legion who's Chaplain's joined in Fighting the EmperorInstrumental in the fall of Horus
Legion which specialized in Siege and Defense, Wear Chevrons over metal plate.Primarch is Perturabo
Specialize in Night Fighting and inspiring terror. Wear a skull with bat wings on their shoulder guardsPrimarch is the Night Haunter
Followers of the Blood God Khorne, fanatical whirlwinds who are obsessed with claiming skulls for the skull throne'Blood for the Blood God'
Followers of Nurgle, are often diseased and spread pestilence and disease as a weaponDemons of Nurgle Mortally wounded Horus on Murder which led to his fall
Followers of Tzeench, this legion utilizes sorcery.Chaos Marines in this legion are forever bound in their armor
Followers of Slaanesh, these Chaos Marines revel in the excesses of manSex Drugs and Violence
Experts in insurgency, these Chaos Marines sow the seeds of Discord before the battle even begins'We are all Alpharius'
These Marines are still loyal to the Emperor, but they hold close a secret, that some of their number betrayed the Emperor during the HeresyHunting the Fallen to erase their disgrace
Not space marines but an important part of the Imperium, this organization fabricates and commands the titan legions, as well as supplies the entire Imperial War MachineWear red robes and augment their bodies to the point of losing their humanity
Not space marines, but the legion of large god like war machines that revolted on MarsWar machines capable of raising entire cities

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