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I'll take a pototo chip... AND EAT IT!!!
BELIEVE IT!!! (datebayo)
golden armor energize!
1 2 3 lets jam
who the hell do you think we are!!!
I'm a rubber man :)
If any of you are aliens, time travelers or espers...
I mad scientist... It's so coooool... Sunovabitch
prepare for trouble... and make it double
people die if they are killed!
equvalent exchange is the world's one and only truth
soul resonance! yahoo! the symetry is off!
dont be a dick, shinji
link START!
I lelouche vi britania command you, now all of you, DIE!!!
Vash the stampede the humanoid typhoon, known as the world's only human natural disaster
'wings of change' the recon squad, the one's actually fighting the titans
the only countrywide railroad, the flying pussyfoot

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