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a ninja wants to become the leader of his village
a kid gets stabbed in the chest by a sword in order to fight evil souls
the protagonist wants to become the pirate king
an empire colonized japan and called it area 11
equivalent exchange... need i say more?
takes place in 1930 1931 and 1932 and there's a train called the flying pussyfoot
what happens if u hook up a cellphone to a microwave?
10,000 people get trapped in a MMORPG and must beat 100 floors to escape
7 masters 7 servants and a holy grail
a notebook falls out of the sky making a genius highschool student want to heal the world
the main characters mother gets eaten in episode 1
a bunch of young kids get trapped in a digital word
the lead female character is the unknowing god of the universe
a 1998 show about a cowboy bounty hunter who's an awesome fighter but stinks at his job
all the characters die before the show starts and after they're dead they must fight 'angel'
'spirals' are the key to the universe
the son of satan wants to become an exorcist
god is dyeing so in order to choose a new one he makes his candidates fight to the death
the main character has a 60 billion double dollar bounty on his head
in order to defeat demons half the good guys turn into weapons so the other half can wield them
over 700 episodes of a kid wanting to be the very best
swords are forbidden but that doesnt stop the main character from being a samurai
the protaganist uses a reverse blade sword
only children can pilot giant mechas to defeat the angels
trained by a green alien the protaganist can blow up planets with a single attack
a vampire working with a human organization helps out to take out other vampires and undead
a talented japanese brain sergeon save a boys life in exchange for the prime minister in germany the kid turn EVIL
the name of this anime is also the name of a mage guild which is joined by the protaganist in episode 2
a young boy wants to become a hunter like his father
a race called diclo...something or others have the power to control wierd wispy hands that gorily slice everybody up

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