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There is a regrettable lack of potatoes in this film, for the title simply comes from a shortening of 'Mobile Army Surgical Hospital'MASH
Named for a famous Don McLean song, and the baked good that, uh, features prominently in the filmAmerican Pie
This geriatric action thriller doesn't have to do with colors or communists: the title is an acronym for 'Retired: Extremely Dangerous'RED
Tom Hanks is more lovesick than insomnia-stricken, but it's the pseudonym he is given on a talk-radio show in this nineties romance.Sleepless in Seattle
Absolutely no explanation of this Kubrick film's title is given. The source novel's author has given various explanations, but few involve timepieces or fruitA Clockwork Orange
People say this beloved Robbins/Freeman prison film's cryptic title kept audiences away, but at least they dropped 'Rita Hayworth and the' from the original novellaThe Shawshank Redemption
This World War II submarine flick's title isn't cryptic at all if you know German; far from involving footwear, it simply means 'The Boat'Das Boot
This musical is not about bacon fat; its title comes from the pomade the era's males put into their hair, and the resulting subculture that sprung upGrease
This battle of the sexes comedy takes its title from the biblical body part that God used to create EveAdam's Rib
The title of Tarantino's debut has no connection to the movie whatsoever: it derived from a video store customer mangling the title of 'Au Revoir Les Enfants'Reservoir Dogs
Meaning Title % Correct
A colloquial term for the police. Says the film's protagonist: Don't let yourself get attached to anything you're not willing to walk out on in 30 seconds flat if you feel the ____Heat
There is no royalty in this Bogart/Hepburn romance, just an old boat whose name is the movie titleThe African Queen
Well there really was a trolley line in New Orleans that was so-named, but the title also has metaphorical associations with lust and carnalityA Streetcar Named Desire
This Daniel Day-Lewis film changed its title to something more ominous than the source novel (Upton Sinclair's 'Oil!') because the director felt they didn't use enough of the bookThere Will Be Blood
This Joseph Heller adaptation is titled in reference to a fictional bureaucratic stipulation that satirically underlines the paradoxical absurdity of warCatch-22
This Bond movie got its title by accident: the last word was supposed to be 'Lies,' but a one-letter typo made the current title and MGM loved itTomorrow Never Dies
It's the French word for 'butterfly,' and the nickname of our prison-escaping main character Steve McQueen, who has one tattooed on his chestPapillon
From an explosive burst of fire when air suddenly mixes with other gases; it's the arsonist of the movie's trademark fire, inasmuch as one can have such a thingBackdraft
The documentary (and later TV show) in question here has nothing to do with aquatic life, but rather the practice of creating fake personal profiles on social media sitesCatfish
Does the action in this Gosling/Cooper film transcend coniferous forests? No, but it's the Mohawk translation of Schenectady, the film's settingThe Place Beyond the Pines

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