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Which comedy isn't headlined by Adam Sandler?
a) Joe Dirt b) The Waterboy c) Little Nicky d) Mr. Deeds
Which Scorsese film has no Robert De Niro presence at all?
a) Cape Fear b) The Age of Innocence c) Goodfellas d) Casino
Which Sergio Leone film doesn't star Clint Eastwood?
a) A Fistful of Dollars b) For a Few Dollars More c) The Good the Bad and the Ugly d) Once Upon a Time in The West
Which Batman movie doesn't have Christian Bale under the bat cape?
a) Batman Begins b) Batman Returns c) The Dark Knight d) The Dark Knight Rises
Which early '80s movie doesn't feature Tom Cruise?
a) Taps b) The Outsiders c) All the Right Moves d) WarGames
Which Coen Brothers film doesn't include George Clooney in its cast?
a) O Brother Where Art Thou? b) Intolerable Cruelty c) The Ladykillers d) Burn After Reading
Which '80s actioner isn't led by Sylvester Stallone?
a) First Blood b) Cobra c) Over the Top d) Red Sonja
Which Thomas Harris adaptation doesn't fill the role of Hannibal Lecter with Anthony Hopkins?
a) Manhunter b) Silence of the Lambs c) Hannibal d) Red Dragon
Which Woody Allen film does not feature Woody himself?
a) Match Point b) Manhattan c) Crimes and Misdemeanors d) Scoop
Which musical doesn't feature Gene Kelly?
a) On the Town b) An American in Paris c) Brigadoon d) Oklahoma!
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Which movie doesn't star James Dean?
a) The Wild One b) East of Eden c) Rebel without a Cause d) Giant
Which movie does not feature Roger Moore as James Bond?
a) For Your Eyes Only b) The Living Daylights c) A View to a Kill d) Live and Let Die
Which classic Western doesn't star John Wayne?
a) Stagecoach b) Red River c) High Noon d) The Searchers
Which Hitchcock film does not star Jimmy Stewart?
a) Rear Window b) Rope c) Vertigo d) Suspicion
Which 1960s British film doesn't have a young Michael Caine?
a) The Ipcress File b) Alfie c) Darling d) The Italian Job
Which 1930s Best Picture winner doesn't star Clark Gable?
a) It Happened One Night b) Mutiny on the Bounty c) You Can't Take It With You d) Gone with the Wind
Which 2004 release did not feature Jude Law?
a) Closer b) The Aviator c) I Heart Huckabees d) Finding Neverland
Which one-word movie doesn't have Djimon Hounsou?
a) Gladiator b) Constantine c) Wanted d) Amistad
Which classic horror doesn't star Boris Karloff?
a) Dracula b) Frankenstein c) The Mummy d) The Black Cat
Which Tarantino flick doesn't feature Samuel L. Jackson in any way/shape/form?
a) Inglourious Basterds b) Kill Bill: Vol. 2 c) Reservoir Dogs d) Jackie Brown

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