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Can you name which of the two options is higher?

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Height of DenaliHeight of Mount Kilimanjaro
The cruising altitude of the ConcordeThe cruising altitude of a 747-400
Ken Griffey Jr's number of career home runs Willie Mays' number of career home runs
The constant π (pi)The constant e
The elevation of Santa Fe, New MexicoThe elevation of Denver, Colorado
The height of the Petronas TowersThe height of Taipei 101
The nominal GDP of Paraguay (2014)The nominal GDP of Uruguay (2014)
The altitude of the troposphereThe altitude of the stratosphere
The metro population of Sao PauloThe metro population of Rio De Janeiro
Michael Jordan's heightLeBron James' height
A bogey on a Par 3An eagle on a Par 5
The height of the Tokyo SkytreeThe height of the CN Tower
France's all-time Olympic gold medal countBritain's all-time Olympic gold medal count
World War II military deathsWorld War II civilian deaths
The atomic number of leadThe atomic number of gold
Nebraska's mean elevationWest Virginia's mean elevation
The domestic unadjusted gross of The AvengersThe domestic unadjusted gross of The Dark Knight
The top of the Washington MonumentThe top of the Great Pyramid of Giza
Christ the Redeemer, from base to tipThe Statue of Liberty, from base to torch
The height of the drop of Victoria FallsThe height of the drop of Niagara Falls
The number of books in the Old TestamentThe number of books in the New Testament
The height of Uluru (Ayers Rock)The height of Eiffel Tower
Meryl Streep's number of Oscar nominationsJohn Williams' number of Oscar nominations
The US President's salaryThe minimum Major League Baseball salary
The population of CanadaThe population of Australia

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