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From a wish-list of things the movie's elderly main characters wish to do before they dieThe Bucket List
This animated character/movie takes its name from 'Waste Allocation Load Lifter – Earth Class'WALL-E
Many death rows are called 'the last mile,' but the film's one was the color of 'tired old limes'The Green Mile
This title refers not to the ceremony of removing the evil spirit, but to the person who does itThe Exorcist
We discover late in this thriller that the heroine still wakes up from nightmares of dying sheep, and if she can save a young woman maybe she'll experience the...The Silence of the Lambs
Contributed by Steinbeck's wife; an allusion both to the fruit the desperate Okies are picking, and the second line of the Battle Hymn of the RepublicThe Grapes of Wrath
This hugely successful ghost story's title comes from ESP, the so-called...The Sixth Sense
From a poem by Edward Dowson, and the romantic idea that the antebellum South is...Gone with the Wind
The first line of Yeats' 'Sailing to Byzantium' provides the title to this Coen Brothers modern western and Best Picture winnerNo Country for Old Men
No connection to the film at all: the title refers to a scene in the original book where two of the heroin addicts meet 'an auld drunkard' in the Leith Central railway stationTrainspotting
Meaning Title % Correct
This title refers not to glamour and respect but to the final act of a magic trick, from the latin for 'illusion'The Prestige
After Timothy Dalton's Bond almost kills a woman, he mutters 'Whoever she was, I must have scared ____________ out of her.'The Living Daylights
This Halle Berry drama's title comes from a medieval English custom in which the night before a condemned man's execution he received a farewell feast known as a...Monsters Ball
The latin word for 'unconquerable,' specifically in reference to an 1888 poem that gave strength and hope to the movie's long-imprisoned hero as he tried to unite his country Invictus
In this political thriller the Red Chinese are controlling a US presidential election, hence...The Manchurian Candidate
The title of this Watergate thriller alludes to both the Humpty Dumpty nursery rhyme and Robert Penn Warren's similarly-titled novel about Huey LongAll The President's Men
It was called Mad Max 2 in Australia, but since the original was largely unknown in the U.S. it was retitled...The Road Warrior
Peckinpah's home invasion thriller's title comes from Chinese ceremonial objects. Fom Lao Tzu: Heaven and Earth are not humane, and regard the people as...Straw Dogs
It's never clear what Bruce Willis meant by this title, but he only did Die Hard 4 if they would allow him to use its original subtitle (this) for his own Africa-set actionerTears of the Sun
This early Ealing Studios comedy about a man who murders everyone between him and a Dukedom takes its title from a line in Tennyson's 1842 poem 'Lady Clara Vere de Vere'Kind Hearts and Coronets

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