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Movie 1AnswerMovie 2
Americans stranded in 1970s Iran need rescuingA murder in midwestern middle America needs solving
A film director attempts to survive a creative crisis and spirtual ennuiRagdolls attempt to survive in earth after the apocalypse
James Cagney's young hoodlum rises through the heights of the Chicago underworldJohnny Depp's older hoodlum deals with his fall from the heights of Chicago's underworld
Marc Forster-directed biopic of a biker-turned-minister played by a grizzled Gerard ButlerRoger Corman-directed biopic of a Prohibition gangster played by a young Charles Bronson
Demi Moore becomes the first woman to enroll in an elite navy group, encountering stiff opposition from misogynists and assorted hatersChanning Tatum joins an elite special missions group, encountering resistance from the Baroness and Storm Shadow
The future is bleak in this adaptation of Orwell's classic novelTeaching is bleak in this action thriller from Mark Lester
Mel Gibson must battle the forces of political corruption to avenge his daughter's murderTom Cruise must battle the forces of enemy aliens as he repeats the same day over and over
Biopic starring Ben Gazzara as the infamous Chicago gangster Biopic starring Philip Seymour Hoffman as the famous New York writer
Spike Lee-directed heist film about the robbery of a New York bankCharles Furguson-directed documentary about the problems with New York banks
'The temperature at which books burn' - source novel author Ray Bradbury'The temperature at which freedom burns' - documentary director Michael Moore
Movie 1AnswerMovie 2
Woody Allen makes a tribute to the city he lovesMartin Scorsese makes a tribute to the city he loves
Paul Walker must infiltrate a street-racing gang led by Vin DieselSequel Three. They kept the title but dropped the articles
Armored car driver Christian Slater must navigate a flooded Indiana town New York cop Michael Douglas must navigate the Japanese underworld
Eddie Murphy is summoned to a spooky house in this Disney ride adaptationVincent Price is summoned to a spooky house in this Poe/Lovecraft adaptatin
Some men just don't matter much to the powers that be, like Sylvester Stallone, Jason Statham, Jet Li and other badassesSome men just don't matter much to the powers that be, like Robert Montgomery, John Wayne, and other Navy men
Henry Fonda, as convict Eddie Taylor, must avoid his execution and go on the lam in CaliforniaSean Connery, as agent James Bond, must fake his execution and go sleuthing in Japan
A northeastern city provides the scene for a legal drama about AIDS with Tom Hanks and Denzel Washington A northeastern city provides the scene for wacky hijinks between Katherine Hepburn, Cary Grant, and Jimmy Stewart
John Wayne must take a stand against Apache Indians in a movie named for a riverJohn Wayne must take a stand against a rancher gang in a movie named for a river
Emilio Estevez becomes a repossession agent (of cars) but things get complicatedJude Law becomes a repossession agent (of organs) but things get complicated
James Cromwell introduces a young George Ruth to baseball, where he becomes a slugger James Cromwell introduces a young pig to his farm, where he becomes a sheepdog

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