Blitz: Name a President Who...

Random History or US Presidents Quiz

Can you name the President(s) who fits the category?

Updated Jul 29, 2013

How to Play
...was impeached (2)
...was from Texas (3)
...was assassinated (4)
...resigned from office (1)
...signed the Constitution (2)
...took office before age 45 (2)
...was Catholic or a Quaker (3) portrayed on U.S. coinage* (6)
...was a member of the Whig Party (5)
...went to Harvard as an undergraduate (5)
...was neither elected as a VP or a President (1)
...lost the popular vote but won the Presidency (4)
...took office after age 60 and wasn't Ronald Reagan (9)
...was in office when the United States officially declared war (5)
...served less than four years in office and wasn't assassinated (8)
...was President, Vice President, Senator, and a Representative (4)
...was a career army officer who went from General to President (3)
...won the Nobel Peace Prize while in office and wasn't Barack Obama (2)
...served two full consecutive terms in the 19th century and wasn't named James (3)
...was VP and then President, with no help from assassination/death/resignation/etc (5)

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