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Year & Genre(s)MovieHint
1957: CourtroomMyself, I prefer 12 mild-mannered women
1984: DramaDystopic classic with the tagline, 'The year of the movie, the movie of the year'
1999: MysteryPI delves into the world of snuff films
2008: RomComKatherine Heigl is always a bridesmaid
2009: DisasterThe world is ending and I blame Mayans
2009: AnimatedPost-apocalyptic ragdoll movie. Yep.
1963: DramaSpectacularly self-indulgent Fellini film
1982: ActionBuddy film that made Eddie Murphy a star
1999: ComedyDumbed-down high school version of the Taming of the Shrew
2006: War/ActionMadness? This is SPORCLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2007: HorrorJohn Cusack in a haunted hotel room
1987: ComedyTroika of men caring for infant = $$$$
2002: DramaEdward Norton has one day before prison
1979: ComedySpielberg's big World War II flop
2007: HorrorVampires feast in the arctic circle
1935: MysteryHitchcock adventure set in Scotland
2005: ComedySteve Carrell needs to get laid
2007: HorrorZombies in the UK again, half a year later
1941: AdventureNamed for the Canadian border that a marooned Uboat crew is heading for
2008: AdventureEmmerich crapfest set in the stone age
1959: DramaTruffaut's sensationally-received debut
1976: EpicBertolucci's punishingly-long take on the turn of the century in Italy
2003: ActionInane sequel to Walker/Diesel crapfest
1995: SciFiBruce Willis must stop army of ecowarriors
2008: DramaM.I.T. kids count cards, fleece casinos
2004: ComedyIt's like 'Big,' but with Jennifer Garner
1998: DramaDisco and decadence in famous NYC club
1968: SciFiApes, spaceships, HAL, some sort of starchild, damned if I know what it means
2009: ActionJohn Cena tries this 'acting' thing. Failure
Year & Genre(s)MovieHint
2002: MusicSkinny whiteboy thinks he can rap
2005: ActionBruce Willis and Mos Def, together at last
2009: RomanceA man reviews the year and a half of his failed relationship
2001: ThrillerElvis impersonaters plan a Vegas heist
2007: DramaA college girl needs an abortion in Ceausescu's Romania
2000: ActionAh-nold faces his worst enemy: self clones
2002: ComedyMan eschews sex for time stated in title
2004: ComedyAdam Sandler dates an amnesiac
2007: WesternRussell Crowe as a charismatic outlaw
2008: ThrillerSlumming Al Pacino vs. serial killer
2000: DramaSandra Bullock goes to the cutest rehab
2002: MusicalOzon's silly mystery about octet of dames
2001: CrimeDeNiro must stop crazed fame-seekers
1997: Black ComedyJoe Pesci has to deal with the remains of decapitated gentlemen
1999: ActionMedieval flop with Mr. Banderas, cannibals
1996: FamilyLive-action remake of Disney animated film
2007: ComedyJulie Delpy film set in the City of Light
1972: MusicalRevolutionary war musical somehow flopped
1954: AdventureKirk Douglas's chin vs. Captain Nemo
1933: MusicalArguably the first musical as we know it
1980: ComedyDolly Parton and co. avenge sexist boss
2009: ComedyLike Big in reverse, with Zac Efron
1992: AdventureChristopher Columbus gets all Frenched-up (Gerard Depardieu!) and finds America
2012: ComedyHill and Tatum replace Depp in TV adaptation
1996: ThrillerPost-Tarantino hyperlink film with Teri Hatcher + Charlize Theron catfight
2010: DramaJames Franco's arm is under a rock
1986: ActionJeff Bridges film about the myriad ways one can meet one's end
2003: DramaTitle refers to the weight of the human soul

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