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QUIZ: Can you name the movies which begin with 'N' or 'O'?

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Year & Genre(s)MoviePlot
2004: AdventureNicolas Cage searches for hidden loot
1984: SportsRobert Redford as hard-hitting Roy Hobbs
2009: MusicalInane musical rehash of a Fellini film
2006: FamilyBen Stiller as mugging museum employee
2004: ComedyGosh! This movie's popularity was odd
1984: HorrorOne, two, Freddy's coming for you...
1976: SatireNewsman Howard Beals is as mad as hell
1968: HorrorDirector Romero uses zombies to show American tearing itself apart
1975: MusicAltman ensemble piece set in title city
1992: MusicalDisney flick about paperboys was big flop
1955: Horror/Film-NoirLaughton's only directed film stars Robert Mitchum as an evil preacher
1998: ThrillerHostage-saving cop has to take hostages
1995: BiopicOliver Stone's overlong take on 37th prez
2007: Drama/CrimeManifestation of evil with bad haircut hunts down Josh Brolin, suitcase full of cash
2004: RomanceTypically-maudlin Nicolas Sparks adapation
2002: CrimeGritty, Detroit-set movie about drug cops
1946: ThrillerHitch film about uranium-hoarding Nazis
2007: ComedyOne of Eddie Murphy's many fat-suit roles
1922: HorrorSilent, German-made take on Dracula myth
1999: RomanceGirl stands in front of boy, asks him for love
2007: MysteryJim Carrey is haunted by an evil number
1988: Comedy'Airplane!' creators take on the cop genre
2007: MysteryFamous teen girl detective gets dumb film
1994: CrimeWoody Harrelson and Juliette Lewis are...
1983: Spy'Unofficial' Bond is a remake of Thunderball
1959: SuspenseChase across US ends at Mount Rushmore
1976: ComedyComedy shares title with kids TV channel
1993: AnimatedCult animated flick set in Halloweentown
1984: FantasyFalse advertising; it actually does end
Year & Genre(s)MoviePlot
1999: ComedyCubicle drones revolt against company
1999: DramaIts plot and its anagram are 'Rocket Boys'
1954: DramaBrando could have been a contendah
1983: SpyThe most ludicrously-titled Bond flick
2008: Soap OperaNatalie Portman and Scarlet Johansson vie for hunky King Henry VIII
1971: SciFiThe last man on earth is Charlton Heston
2006: MusicalIrish street musican falls for Czech pianist
2006: AnimatedWoods animals revolt against development
2002: HorrorRobin Williams as sinister pic developer
1980: DramaIcy drama by Redford beat Raging Bull for Best Picture. Some people are still mad
1985: RomanceMeryl Streep leaves the Dark Continent
2003: HorrorTwo scuba divers become shark food
1958: Adventure/DramaStiff adaptation of classic Hemingway novel with Spencer Tracy as a Cuban
1995: ThrillerFilm version of mid-90s deadly virus panic
1982: RomanceGere sweeps Debra Winger off her feet
1955: MusicalPeppy musical named for the 46th state
1998: CrimeJ-Lo, George Clooney are way hot together
1947: Film-NoirSmall town man's past catches up to him
1981: DramaA swansong for Fonda and Hepburn
2009: ComedyWilliams, Travolta lose last bits of dignity
1976: HorrorNaming the Satanic kid 'Damien' was a bit of an obvious move by the screenwriters
1975: DramaJack Nicholson stirs up a loony bin
1997: ComedyThe comedic saga of a Mormon porn star
1994: ActionSeagal takes on evil polluters, the world
2001: HorrorGhostly-pale Nicole Kidman in ghost story
1983: DramaWhen Coppola's career went in the tank
2001: HeistGeorge Clooney + posse rob Vegas casino
2003: ComedyFarrell & Vaughn make their own fraternity

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