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Nice DefinitionNaughty WordLetters
A female dog5
An illegitimate child7
To pull back a gun's hammer, or a rooster4
A cat, especially a kitten5
Long-eared horse-like animals, e.g. a donkey3
A little puncture made by a needle or thorn5
Round or roundish bodies used in various sporting events5
Richard, for short, or a private eye4
To produce a stream of air through the mouth, or what the wind does4
Nice DefinitionNaughty WordLetters
A preposition meaning 'with,' usually used in combination with hyphens3
To condemn, or declare something to be bad4
A chiefly British idiom for cigarette3
An embankment for holding back water, a levee4
A gardening implement with a flat blade 3
Crazy, or fruits with hard shells and seeds4
A bird that uses its hard beak to hammer repeatedly into trees, for short6
Either a small mouse or a small bird3
A hot dog named from its association with Vienna6

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