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Forced Order
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______ Wilson's War or The Truth About ______, depending on if you prefer Hanks or Wahlberg
Check out 2001's Sweet ______ to see if Charlize Theron and Keanu Reeves' passion ignited the silver screen
Feeling that High Noon was too unamerican, John Wayne and Howard Hawks made a response with 1959's Rio ______
Jet Li got all Shakespearean with Aaliyah in 2000's ______ Must Die
Roger Corman deals with a common male fantasy in 1963's The Man with the ______ Eyes
What's Canada's largest province? What's a 1951 adventure with John Barrymore? The answer to both: ______
Jean-Luc Godard merged film-noir with science fiction in 1966's ______ville
Little-remembered Tom Arnold movie ______ Punks, or the sport of Happy Gilmore and Tin Cup
Julie Andrews plays a woman pretending to be a man pretending to be a woman...or 1982's ______/Victoria
Chuck Norris and Lee Marvin in the same movie? Why then it must be the 1986 actioner The ______ Force
Amanda Seyfried decided to answer a forgotten love note in 2010's Letters to ______; romance inevitably blossomed
If you don't remember Kevin Bacon's 1999 horror-thriller, Stir of ______es, I don't blame you
A classic war film, 1964's ______ depicts the conspicuous gallantry on display in the Battle of Rorke's Drift
Peter O'Toole and Charlotte Rampling must have been dancing in their 1976 drama ______
Its title might put you in mind of the capital of Peru, but the 2006 Melissa Leo film Dear Lemon ______ is actually set in Alaska
1932 Best Picture winner with a huge ensemble cast, Grand ______
A leaner, unnerving Bogart is on display in John Huston's 1948 Treasure of the ______ Madre
The 1949 Ealing comedy ______ Galore! deals with the dreadful, dreadful ramifications of wartime booze rationing
If you liked when Tom Sizemore didn't just ham it up, avoid his villanous turn in 2004's ______razzi
If you like cricket, perhaps you'd like a 4 hour Bollywood film about it? Check out Lagaan: Once Upon a Time in ______
The blank in Iran's A Few ______s of Dates for a Funeral is also the measurement movie drug lords deal in
It's what every movie star wants. Also it's Ralph Fiennes's character in the 1997 romance ______ and Lucinda
Last ______ in Paris earned Brando his second straight Oscar nod but was denounced in some quarters as pornography
1993's I Love a Man in ______ no doubt confirms what many in the armed forces know about their effect on women
James Cagney showed he could sing and dance in 1942's very successful biopic ______ Doodle Dandy
Want to see if Lil' Bow Wow can kick some butt in the NBA? See John Schultz's 2002 sports fantasy Like ______
BONUS: In My Fair Lady, Eliza Doolittle notices Henry Higgins taking notes using the ______, the theme of this quiz

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