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Begins with P
Eccentric musician on Friends played by Lisa Kudrow 
Hawkeye ____: Alan Alda's character in M*A*S*H* 
The city where, according to a TV title, it's always sunny 
NBC show starring Amy Poehler as an Indiana bureaucrat 
Sopranos character ____ Gualtieri with two-toned hair 
Four Letter TV
1990 cult classic TV series from David Lynch: ____ Peaks 
1980s police drama ____ Street Blues 
Any of the three central characters who live in South Park  
Either of the two elder children who live on Evergreen Terrace 
Sitcom starring DeVito, Lloyd, Kaufman, Hirsch, and Danza  
Name that Miniseries
Paul Giamatti takes on America's second president  
HBO adaptation of Kushner's play about AIDS in the 1980s 
It's Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy in this 1995 Austen adaptation 
The 101st Airborne, from Currahee to Normandy to Germany 
This saga of a black family in America earned 37 Emmy nods 
Show by Three Villains
Gul Madred, The Borg, Q 
The Mayor, The Master, Dark Willow  
Gus Fring, Tuco Salamanca, Krazy-8 
Ben Linus, the Smoke Monster, Ethan 
Marlo Stanfield, Stringer Bell, The Greek 
1960s Television
In 1964, this Rod Serling Sci-Fi show ended its 5-year run 
In 1962, this Tonight Show host began his 30-year tenure 
This much-acclaimed CBS news program debuted in 1968 
This high-tech Flintstones clone only ran from 1962 - 1963 
This clan, with Gomez, Lurch and Wednesday, hit TV in 1964 
Famous TV Females
Lucy Lawless played this warrior princess  
This Cosby show mom was played by Phylicia Rashad 
Julia Louis-Dreyfus's sparring partner to Jerry Seinfeld 
The villainous cheerleading coach played by Jane Lynch 
The medical professional brought to life by Edie Falco 

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