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Begins with P
A positively charged subatomic particle  
The process by which plants convert sunlight  
The taxonomic rank below kingdom and above class 
The discipline of science focusing on matter and motion  
Small organisms which whales eat, or a SpongeBob character 
Four Letter Science
Phobos and Deimos orbit this nearby planet  
The noble gas used for bright advertising signs 
Newton's 2nd law: _____ x acceleration = force 
Divided into inner and outer, the center of the earth 
The base unit of electric potential, named for an Italian count 
Name that Bone
Bumping this arm bone isn't very funny at all 
This strong bone holds the lower jaw and teeth 
Shaped like a necktie, it holds the ribs together 
AKA collarbone, it's one of the easiest bones to break 
Name of any of the ossicles, the ear's three tiny bones 
Learned in a Math Classroom
This shape's area is found with 1/2(b x h) 
An angle > 90 degrees but < 180 degrees  
What's measured with (y2 - y1) / (x2 - x1) 
The mathematician who gave us A2 + B2 = C2 
Lines which form right angles to each other are called  
Elements, My Dear Sporcler
It makes up 97.5% of a US penny 
The precious metal coveted by a Bond villain 
Eat bananas to get plenty of this element, K? 
Quicksilvery metal that's a liquid in standard conditions 
Used in nuclear weapons and aptly named after a Roman god 
Classic Biomes
Extremely dry: barren and hostile to life  
The plains: coarse grasses and scattered trees 
Either tropical or temperate: trees + lots of rainfall 
Coniferous forests: south of the arctic and very piny  
The extreme north: cold temperatures/little tree growth 
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