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Begins with P
The second published of the Chronicles of Narnia 
Poet who wrote of a maiden named Annabel Lee 
1969 novel that turned Philip Roth into a celebrity 
Belgian detective Hercule in 33 Agatha Christie novels 
Sister to Lily and Aunt to Harry in the Harry Potter world 
Four Letter Literature
First name of Night author Wiesel  
Toni Morrison's 1977 novel ____ of Solomon  
Either President in the Hunger Games series 
Ancient city in which the Iliad is primarily set 
It's infinite in a David Foster Wallace novel title 
Literary Love Triangle Women
Torn between Jay Gatsby and Tom 
Torn between Heathcliff and Edgar Linton 
Torn between Rhett Butler and Ashley Wilkes 
Torn between Jacob Black and Edward Cullen 
Torn between Count Vronsky and Count Karenin 
Author by First Published Novel
1952: Invisible Man  
1939: The Big Sleep 
1811: Sense and Sensibility 
1950: The Martian Chronicles  
1962: One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest  
Stephen King Novel by Plot
A father tries to protect his pyrokinetic daughter 
A force field cuts off a small town and things go awry 
A time traveler attempts to stop the JFK assassination 
A death row guard suspects his captive is superhuman 
After a plague, the forces of good/evil battle in Las Vegas 
Shakespearean Title Characters
Blood-soaked Thane of Cawdor/King of Scotland 
Easily jealous Moorish general in the Venetian army  
Dictator who gets assassinated on the Ides of March 
Ugly hunchback who completes a bloody rise to power 
Ill-fated lovers who commit suicide in the Egypt 

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