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Begins with P
Disease whose vaccine was created by Jonas Salk 
The elder died in Pompeii; the younger survived it 
The German word for armor and, by extension, tank 
Democratic President who expanded America's borders 
Philosopher who taught Aristotle and was taught by Socrates 
Four Letter History
City founded in 1535 by Pizarro as Ciudad de los Reyes 
First name of US World War II five-star general Bradley  
PM Anthony whose career was ended by the Suez Crisis 
Ancient city discovered by Heinrich Schliemann in 1868 
Highly succesful Japanese fighter aircraft in early WWII 
The Battle of ...
1950: Douglas MacArthur changes the tide in Korea 
1836: All the Texian defenders of a mission are killed 
1805: A huge victory by Napoleon ends the Third Coalition 
1066: William the Conqueror leads a decisive Norman victory  
1943: The USSR & Germany fight the largest ever tank battle 
Nobel Peace Prize Winners
1964: For a non-violent campaign for civil rights 
1983: As the founder of Poland's Solidarity movement 
1993: Either of the men who won for ending apartheid 
1919: For his role in establishing the League of Nations 
1978: Either of the men who won for the Camp David Accord 
Name That Queen
Either of Henry VIII's executed wives  
Celtic warrior queen who took on the Romans 
She reigned for 64 years between 1837 and 1901 
Known as the Nine Day Queen, she was executed in 1553 
This Austrian duchess was France's last pre-revolution queen 
The First Century A.D.
The first Roman emperor; he died in 14 A.D. 
Roman province in which Christianity appeared 
Pompeii and this other city were destroyed in 79 A.D. 
Island whose conquest was launched in 43 by Claudius 
Either of the two dynasties that ruled China from 1 - 100 AD 

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