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Begins with P
It's the largest city in Western Australia  
Utah city which hosts the Sundance Film Fest 
The executive (and de facto) capital of South Africa 
Lost the greatest % of people of any nation during WWII 
The largest majority-Catholic country not in the Americas 
Four Letter Geography
West African nation which also has a four-letter capital 
Third northernmost capital, after Reykjavik and Helsinki 
The highest and most extensive mountain range in Europe 
Its early caucus makes it a crucial US state for Prez hopefuls 
Either the fourth-largest great lake or PA's fourth-largest city 
Country by National Airline
Etihad -- established by royal decree in 2003 
KLM -- founded in 1919, it's one of the oldest airlines 
El Al -- famous for its security, with only one hijacking 
Qantas -- famous for its safety, with no fatalities since 1951 
Aeroflot -- founded in 1923, they still have the sickle/hammer 
Country by Former Capital
Koror, from national founding in 1994 to 2006 
Yangon, from national founding in 1948 to 2005 
Abidjan, from national founding in 1960 to 1984 
Colombo, from national founding in 1948 to 1982 
Dar Es Salaam, from national founding in 1962 to 1996 
Global Cities Below the Equator
Alpha(-): 'The Paris of South America' 
Beta(+): Where you'd find Table Mountain 
Beta: The southernmost capital city in the Americas 
Beta(-): From 1907-1963, the capital of British East Africa 
Gamma: Ecuador's most populous city and significant harbor 
City by Metro Stop/Lines
O'Hare -- Blue Line 
Újpest–Központ -- Line 3 
Ponte Mammalo -- Line B 
Asakusa -- Asakusa Line, Ginza Line 
St. James's Park -- District Line, Circle Line 

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