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Begins with P
A chessboard feature sixteen of these weak pieces 
US state that's a property and RR on the Monopoly board 
Board game manufacturer of Monopoly, Ouija, Sorry, et al. 
Classic, influential arcade game with ghosts and a maze 
Adorable low-level Pokémon with yellow skin and rosy cheeks 
Four-Letter Gaming
First name of video game gunner Nukem 
Fruit that's also the purple piece (Professor) in Clue(do) 
Video game company that gave us Sonic the Hedgehog 
Children's board game sold under the brand name Parcheesi 
What precedes 'Combat Evolved' in a 2001 video game title 
First Person Shooters
You're bespectacled physicist Gordon Freeman 
You're an unnamed space marine in this 1993 classic 
You're Jack, battling his way through underwater Rapture 
You're James Bond (on N64) and you've got sleuthing to do 
You're Chell, stuck in Aperture labs with a teleportation gun  
Risk Territories
Any one of the four South American territories  
The Russian territory from which you can reach Alaska 
Either island stepping stone from Europe to N. America 
Antiquated name for Thailand that's strategically valuable  
Norway, Sweden, and Finland are rolled into this territory 
Poker Terminology
Forced bets of the two players left of the dealer  
A hand with three of one card and two of another 
In Texas or Omaha, it's the fifth and final card dealt 
All the money that has been bet and can be won in the hand 
If no player has at least a pair, then this is the winning hand  
Nintendo Characters by Description
Green dinosaur with red spines and orange-brown shoes 
Brown-haired gorilla with a cowlick, often wears a red tie 
Large, yellow, turtle-like creature with a spiky green shell  
Wide-eyed naif with blonde hair, a crown, and a pink dress 
Infant-like creature with a mushroom hat and exposed chest 

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