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Begins with P
George C. Scott in biopic of WWII general 
Steve McQueen as a Devil's Island prisoner 
Ryan & Tatum O'Neal as Depression-era grifters  
Stephen King adaption about an animal graveyard 
Swords and sandals B-movie in Vesuvius's shadow 
Four Letter Title
Woody Allen as a neurotic insect  
Pacino and DeNiro on opposite sides of the law 
A killer shark is loose in the waters around Amity 
A computer hacker is abducted into a digital world 
Two rivalrous Formula 1 racers have very different styles 
'The' + One Word
Amorphous goo terrorizes Anytown, USA 
Hollywood satire by way of Robert Altman 
Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie go to Venice 
Sean Connery must break Nic Cage into Alcatraz 
Female spelunkers run into underground crawlers 
Vietnam Movies
Charlie Sheen experiences the horrors of war 
Jon Voight returns from Vietnam a paraplegic 
Heart of Darkness transplanted to Southeast Asia 
Michael J. Fox tries to prosecute war criminal Sean Penn 
De Niro and Walken play Russian roulette in a POW camp 
8+ Oscar Nods but No Wins
Amsterdam Vallon seeks revenge on Bill the Butcher 
The Coens and Jeff Bridges remake a John Wayne oater 
Alice Walker adaptation by way of Spielberg and Whoopi 
Bancroft and MacLaine contend with ballet-related drama 
John Hurt as a heavily disfigured man in Victorian London 
Sequels with No Numbers
Gotham must contend with a new threat: The Joker 
Daniel Craig's Bond must avenge Vesper Lynd's death 
An older/wiser Eddie Felson tutors a new young hustler 
Bella, left by Edward, finds herself drawn to a sexy werewolf 
Ripley must return to LV-426 and fight the xenomorphs again 

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