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It's the middle name of the famous composer the film studies, but also means 'beloved of God' in LatinAmadeus
Despite the title, this movie features no large bodies of water. Rather, it's the main character's surname and the number refers to his criminal cohortsOcean's Eleven
Though it sounds like people are searching for Goodwill, in fact the title refers to the main character's maturation and improvement Good Will Hunting
Based on the memoir 'Wiseguy,' this gangster film changed its title (to a word only used once in the film) due to an unrelated TV series taking the book's titleGoodfellas
From the cold city that this Coen Bros crime film spends but one scene inFargo
A figure in Norse mythology, and the codename for a plot to assassinate Hitler and take over GermanyValkyrie
In reference to the mythical tower humanity tried to build before God punished man for his hubris with different languagesBabel
This Vietnam film's title derives from a type of ammunition which doesn't mushroom on impactFull Metal Jacket
This one-letter political thriller gets its title from a shortening of the Greek word for 'He is alive'Z
Named after a 1977 Italian film the director likes, also featuring a commando mission in WWII. Where the extra/changed letters come from is anyone's guessInglourious Basterds
Meaning Title % Correct
Similar to the style of the movie, the title refers to a genre of short stories presented in a magazine format, typically printed on cheaply made paperPulp Fiction
So-named because the film's bank robbery and subsequent fracas take place on one hot August dayDog Day Afternoon
It sounds like the animal the film is based around, and is a traditional Proven├žal stewed vegetable dishRatatouille
This Tom Green comedy somehow snuck past the MPAA and made a title from the allegations of molestation Green makes against his fatherFreddy Got Fingered
War is ironic: on the day in 1918 when the main character finally dies, the dispatch from the otherwise-uneventful trench read ______________All Quiet on the Western Front
From a neighborhood in Rio De Janeiro founded as a refuge for city's undesirablesCity of God
It's the name of one of the big early music numbers and a plot point of the film, but also means 'ripped' or 'torn,' like the friendships in the musicalRent
The woman of this Hitchcock film's title isn't in a single scene, but her specter haunts the entire filmRebecca
Named for an army of environmentalists that the scientists in the future theorize wiped out humanity Twelve Monkeys
This meta film's title comes from the fact that Fellini had previously directed six feature films, two short films and one colloboration8 1/2

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