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Updated Apr 23, 2014

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Year & Genre(s)MovieHint
2005: Documentary80 minutes of waddling penguins + Morgan Freeman's narration = box office hit
2000: ThrillerOrder reverse in go scenes movie's this
2003: SchoolJulia Roberts as an inspirational teacher
1936: ComedyChaplin's final film as the Little Tramp
2004: DramaGoes quickly from boxing to euthanasia
2001: MysteryLynch film as twisty as road it's named for
1986: ThrillerHannibal Lecter first shows up on screen
1979: ActionHomoerotic bikers vs. leather-clad cops
1979: DramaWoody Allen's ode to his favorite city
1999: ActionBrendan Fraser, the unlikely action hero
1955: DramaErnest Borgnine in the shortest Best Pic
1974: SpyRoger Moore seeks assassin with an expensive gun in one of the worst Bonds
1979: SpyStupid Roger Moore again, now in space
1993: ComedyRobin Williams in drag = surprisingly funny
2005: DramaAKA 'Reminiscences of a quasi-prostitute'
2005: AnimatedNamed for the world's 4th-largest island
1969: DramaX-rated Best Picture winner about a male prostitute in New York City
2001: MusicalElton John songs in 19th century Paris
1942: DramaOrson Welles film butchered by the studio
1992: SportsDucks fly together! It's very deep, trust us
1999: DramaIt's like Short Cuts, but way better
2008: MusicalABBA-themed musical with bad vocalists
1998: AnimatedDisney animated movie, set in China
1970: ComedyAltman war film made for a great TV pilot
2003: MysteryA Boston girl's murder opens up old scars
1993: CrimeThe darker version of Boyz n the Hood
2007: ThrillerGeorge Clooney as a jaded NYC 'fixer'
1990: HorrorKathy Bates is James Caan's #1 fan
1941: Film-NoirBogart looks for bejeweled bird of the title
Year & Genre(s)MovieHint
1997: ComedyWill Smith vs. the scum of the universe
1964: MusicalEliza Doolittle learns to pronounce H's
2005: ActionPitt and Jolie are hot for 120 minutes
2005: DramaSpielberg explores the nature of vengeance
1962: ThrillerA sinister Communist brainwashing plot can only be undone by one man...Frank Sinatra
1992: ComedyJoe Pesci as lawyer: lots of laughs ensue
1964: MusicalIt's rather supercalifragilisticexpialidocious
1927: SciFiFritz Lang classic about a futuristic city
1939: DramaAw-shucks, Jimmy Stewart needs land for Boy Scouts to play. Down with DC fatcats!
2004: SportsThe US beats the communists...at hockey
2008: BiopicFormulaic bio of gay leader = Oscar gold
2002: ComedyStandard order ethnic comedy became highest-grossing indie ever
1999: ActionCool Keanu movie ruined by dumb sequels
1981: CultJoan Crawford wishes to ban wire hangers
2002: SciFiTom Cruise will commit a murder in 2 days
2002: ComedyAdam Sandler tries not being obnoxious
1975: AdventureCaine & Connery set out to become kings
2004: SchoolMs. Lohan vs. the queen bees
2006: CrimeMichael Mann adapts his own '80s TV show
2001: DramaThornton and Berry make an unlikely pair
1998: ActionLeo as a French King, with musketeers!
1995: ComedyKevin Smith movie for which he apologized
1934/56: Mystery/SuspenseHitchcock film about a gentleman possessed of extraneous information
1978: PrisonTurkish prisons don't look like lots of fun
1996: ActionConvoluted adaptation of '60s/'70s TV show
1996: ComedyTim Burton spoof of alien invasion movies
1987: ComedyBroad ethnic comedy won Cher an Oscar
1960: WesternBeloved, bland remake of Seven Samurai

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