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Can you name a player who fulfilled each category between 2000-2009

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...pitched a perfect game [2]
...won the Cy Young as a reliever [1]
...hit at least .360 in a full season [7]
...led the National League in triples [6]
...won the MVP award unanimously [2]
...won at least six Gold Glove awards [7]
...saved at least 50 games in a season [4]
...had at least 150 RBIs in a single season [3]
...stole at least 65 bases in a single season [5]
...led the AL in batting and was an infielder [3] MVP votes as a member of the Pirates [4]
...had at least 220 hits in a season and wasn't Ichiro [3]
...struck out (as a batter) at least 190 times in a season [4]
...won the Rookie of the Year award in the NL as a hitter [8]
...won the Rookie of the Year award in the AL as a pitcher [4]
...won the MVP award despite playing on a last-place team [1]
...won twenty games as a member of the Yankees or Red Sox [7]
...pitched at least 162 innings for the Rockies with an ERA under 4.00 [4]
...hit at least 50 homers in a season and has at least six letters in his last name [4]
...struck out at least 250 batters and wasn't named Johnson, Schilling, or Martinez [7]

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