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Year & Genre(s)MovieHint
2009: DramaRugby cures the nation of South Africa
2007: AdventureFree-spirited boy vs. nature. Nature wins
2008: SuperheroDowney's charm pretty much makes film
2006: ComedyMike Judge shows us a future full of morons
1996: DisasterAliens somehow undone by computer virus
2008: ActionColin Farrell gets stuck in Belgium
2009: DramaMatt Damon as lying agricultural exec
2009: ComedyThis clue is difficult, difficult, lemon difficult
1963: ComedyIt's a long, long, long, long movie.
2007: SciFiWill Smith uses the smooth action of Ford automobiles to fight zombies in NY
2004: SciFiWill Smith uses the smooth action of Converse shoes to fight robots in Chicago
1997: DramaAng Lee's frigid take on suburbia
1968: DramaA scream of rage against British schools
2006: MysteryThe lesser of 2006's two magician flicks
1959: MelodramaSudsy Sirk film about race relations
1997: ComedyIs Kevin Kline gay? (Spoiler alert: Yes!)
1994: RomanceAlbert Einstein's niece falls in love
1967: MysterySidney Poitier is *MISTER* Tibbs
1967: DramaBased on the famous Truman Capote novel
1969/2003: HeistRemake with Mark Wahlberg was not bad
1934: RomanceFirst film to sweep the 'Big 5' Oscars
2009: ComedyRicky Gervais screws up great premise
1999: AnimatedE.T., but with a robot and more poop jokes
2005: SciFiMichael Bay's attack of the clones = flop
1933: HorrorUniversal classic based on HG Wells novel
1956: HorrorDepending on who you listen to, either an allegory for or against McCarthyism
2008: AdventureSpielberg and Ford ruin our childhoods
1960: CourtroomThe Scopes trial gets punched up for film
2002: CrimeHong Kong flick later remade by Scorsese
Year & Genre(s)MovieHint
2009: WarQT makes a darn good WWII fan-fiction
2001: DramaSean Penn plays mentally-challenged Dad
2004: Animated'You sly dog: you got me monologuing!'
2009: BromanceI feel the same way about you, quiz-taker
2006: ThrillerClive Owen vs. Denzel in bank heist
1946: DramaJimmy Stewart finds his life has value
1994: HorrorVampires get all lamed-up, Tom Cruise-y
1993: ActionClint vs Malkovich, with the Prez at stake
2001: DramaForgotten Best Pic nom with Spacek/Tomei
1999: HorrorThey're the devil's playground...
1997: HorrorPhillippe, Prinze, Gellar, & Love-Hewitt pretend to be teens in stupid horror flick
1953: ThrillerHitchcock tale of a priest in a murder web
1944: BiopicTwo part bio of infamous Russian leader
1987: ComedyNotorious flop with Beatty and Hoffman
1965: SpyMichael Caine as a psuedo-James Bond
1999: FamilyMatthew Broderick turns cartoon into live-action film version that no one wanted
2002: SpyMoribund remake of 60s TV show
1916: DramaDW Griffith apologizes for Birth of a Nation
2005: ThrillerKidman as a UN employee on the run
2003: HorrorCharacters turn out to be inside guy's head
1978: DramaAllen makes sucky Bergman homage
1993: DramaRedford nails Demi Moore for a cool million
2008: Superhero'Hulk think' replaced by 'HULK GO SMASH'
2006: DocumentaryAl Gore's powerpoint presentation won an Oscar AND snagged him Nobel Peace Prize
2003: ThrillerMeg Ryan gets naked, Hanks not invited
1952: ComedyOscar Wilde's most famous play, in color
2002: AnimatedApparently mammals preceded Dinosaurs
2007: ComedyAdam Sandler and Kevin James's loving tribute to homophobia

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