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Can you name the horror movie from the setting/location?

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ClueMovieLocation Type
Haddonfield, ILAll-American town
Bates MotelLodging; off the highway
Monroeville, PAShopping Mall
WoodsboroAll-American town
AntarcticaAmerican research station
Santa Mira, CAAll-American town
GeorgetownRich neighborhood
NostromoCommercial spaceship
Overlook HotelLodging; ski resort
Transylvania; LondonHaunted region; seemingly-safe city
The BramfordApartment you'd die to live in
Lewis and Clark; (Title Ship)Rescue spaceship; cursed spaceship
Camp Crystal LakeCursed summer camp
Amity IslandFinancially-desperate summer resort
Nevada DesertAbandoned nuclear testing ground
Gatlin, NERural village, adults long gone
Jersey British Crown Dependency post-WWII
Burkittsville, MDTown near creepy woods
Bodega Bay, CATown near creepy gulls
Freiburg, GermanyPrestigious girls dancing academy

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