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Common Word #WordDefinition
1A green, highly alcholic liquid that's historically been banned
5A mark made by burning to indicate ownership, or a particular product
85An informal word for food or the eating process, associated with the army
83To remove the triggering device of a bomb, or to deescalate tensions
14An indefinitely long time; two+ eras
81Something to rely on or retreat to, especially for help or as an alternative
43An acute, recurrent disease characterized by uric acid in the blood
28Inadmissable information gained from a party who isn't present
11To set ablaze, begin to burn
44A very short time, or a peanut butter
7Blood relatives, or idiomatically, refers to a similar 'spirit's' beliefs
61Persons who are not part of the clergy or expert in a given field
17Huge in scale, amount, or degree
Common Word #WordDefinition
69Tiny, difficult to spot, blood sucking insects with a compound name
100To forcibly expel or remove, as with a political leader
36One who carries a coffin at a funeral
77Stops, ceases, or discontinues
52A more recent version of an older film
70To kill someone by covering their nose and mouth and inducing suffocation
53A brightly colored fruit-eating bird from S. America (who loves froot)
59With properties not evident; of a performer, not yet famous or a star.
31Wanting or devouring great quantities of food or information
45Near or in which place; a criminal's approximate or suspected location
35A percussion instrument made of different length wooden panels
32To give a harsh tug, or a reb's enemy
81Twice-baked bread, often given to teething children

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