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2002Denzel vs. the medical establishment
2008Daniel Craig wants revenge in Bond 22
1969Seminal American biker movie
1940Gothic Du Maurier novel via Hitchcock
1966Tarkovsky film about Medieval Russia
2004Hugh Jackman battles assorted creatures
1981ANZAC troops meet their death in WWI
2007Will Smith battles NYC 'darkseekers'
19981998's slightly smarter disaster flick
1996Erie, PA band has a chart-climbing hit
1991John Woo film that he remade in 1996
2004Michael Moore's anti-Bush polemic
1995Time-traveller must gather info on plague
2004Peter Parker is back to spin more webs
2003Paul Walker is back to spin more wheels
1973It's 'peeeeeeeople'
2007Famous girl detective gets film adaptation
2000Ford/Pfeiffer chiller made a lot of money
2004Hotel manager struggles against genocide
1998Woody Allen voices an animated insect
1964100 British soldiers vs. 4000 Africans
1992Gritty, dark Best Picture-winning western
1946Hitch's tale of spies, ex-Nazis & uranium
2004It's a Zom-Rom-Com, or something...
1941Cute Disney elephant never says a word
1999West Virginia boys dream of the skies
1983Barbara Streisand musical set in Poland
1998Chris Rock joins Riggs and Murtaugh
1982It made Eddie Murphy into a star
2010Scorsese adaptation set in an asylum
2000Freddie Prinze woos Julia Stiles
2006Dramatization of events of 9/11
2007Crowe & Bale in remake of 1957 Western
1986US Colonial Marines vs Xenomorph horde
1953William Holden as a hard-bitten POW
1966Director John Ford's final film
2002Undercover drug police in Detroit
2006Jason Statham needs adrenaline to live
2007Rogen and Heigl = the perfect couple
1960Serial killer kills women with his camera
1992Biopic of famous African-American leader
2006The mutant war continues in movie 3
2009Extra-terrestrials in Johannesburg
1986Basinger and Rourke in steamy drama
1954Japanese children are sold into slavery
1999Rule #1: Don't talk about this movie
1998Vincent Gallo kidnaps Christina Ricci
1964British fighter-bombers on suicide mission
1976Prescient, scathing critique of television
1993Young Brad Pitt as redneck serial killer
1974747 hits light plane, but Heston saves all
2004Adam Sandler dates an amnesiac
1998Ed Harris prefers Roberts to Sarandon
1988Demme-directed Mafia comedy
1960Taylor plays call girl, wins Best Actress
2002Eminem plays fictionalized version of self

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